different types of helmets

Different types of helmets: everything you need to know before buying

Comfortability while riding a motorcycle is largely dependent upon the helmet. To help you choose the most suitable options among different types of helmets, we have collected all the necessary information about them: the pros and cons, for whom this or that type is more suitable, and for whom. All information is laid out in … Read more

how to remove scratches from bike

6 tried and tested ways to remove scratches from your bicycle

No matter how carefully you ride your bike, chips and scratches are a common occurrence for any vehicle, especially a two-wheeled one. Therefore, bike lovers often face the question of how to remove scratches from their bikes at home and with their own hands. We have collected the 6 best ways to get rid of … Read more

how to ride a bike with gears

How to ride a bike with gears – The Best Way to Shift Gears

Many of you may no longer have any questions about how to ride a bicycle with gears, but don’t forget about beginner riders, for whom this issue remains very relevant. Improper gear shifting sooner or later leads to an open circuit or even breakdown of the switches. And if you are on a long trip, … Read more

how to measure a helmet size

How to measure a helmet to make sure you get the right size

It could be dangerous if you don’t choose a helmet that fits properly – this is an important topic that most sellers of motorcycle equipment are silent about. Ignorance of the main points on how to measure your head to ensure the correct helmet size and the pursuit of momentary savings often leads to loss … Read more

how to clean helmet

How do you clean a helmet? 6 simple ways to do it at home

How to clean a helmet at home? All helmets consist of two main parts. One is the outer “shell”, the other is the inner soft layer, which absorbs shock when riding and thus makes trips more comfortable. Therefore, cleaning the helmet at home consists of several stages: inside helmet cleaning; cleaning the outside of the … Read more