About Us
DrivrHub is the newest motorcycle blog. It's your source for the latest motorcycle information, it provides the latest news, updates, and more in the world of motorcycling and motorcycle riding, including practical tips and more.

DrivrHub takes care of the fast and exciting activity of motorcycle riding, which really has a wide range of tools. The blog's content includes comprehensive testing of new sports bikes, recreational bikes, and previous and later versions. You'll also find a bit of personal experience with motorcycle travel, background information on motorcycle repairs, trip preparation, and tuning. There are also books about motorcycles in a variety of subjects. An important component of full and comprehensive information on motorcycle topics is reviews of the best products for motorcyclists, the content of which is posted on our site by some of the best professionals in the industry.

Our Team

All of our staff, from editors to writers, are themselves passionate about off-road equipment, they themselves constantly ride motorcycles, and participate in enduro and motocross competitions. The content of our moto bloggers is well written, sometimes seasoned with humor, and, obviously, a lot of practical information. We have our own sports team, consisting of riders of different levels and ages. We are always happy about the successes and achievements of our staff and readers, we are always in touch with them, we train together and go out for rides.

Matthew Bell

Matthew has been into motorcycles since he was 17 years old. He bought his first bike when I turned 22 and never looked back. Since then, Matthew has become an explorer of the limits of motorcycle technology and an active amateur motorcycle enthusiast.

Thanks to the close community of motorcycle enthusiasts that Matthew has been a part of, he created the DrivrHub. It’s a place where every beginner and advanced motorcyclist can learn something new and interesting about the topic.

If you're interested in any topic - contact our editorial team - we'll be sure to bring it up on this blog.

If you are interested to dive into the world of hobbies off-road equipment or just want to ask a question, then feel free to write, and come to our store. We are always ready to listen, help and share our experience and knowledge.