6 tried and tested ways to remove scratches from your bicycle

No matter how carefully you ride your bike, chips and scratches are a common occurrence for any vehicle, especially a two-wheeled one. Therefore, bike lovers often face the question of how to remove scratches from their bikes at home and with their own hands. We have collected the 6 best ways to get rid of scratches on a bicycle and describe each of them in detail below. Before we begin to “heal” your bike, let’s see how serious your problem is. There are three main types of scratches:
  • damage to the upper transparent coating – the lightest of the scratches, a non-serious defect that can easily be fixed;
  • defects in the primer– the paint layer is already damaged, but in some cases, you can still be successful with simple grinding and polishing;
  • scratches in the paint layer – the deepest defect, which without painting is almost impossible to eliminate.
Let’s consider how you can save the look of your favorite bike.

Method #1. Candle wax, suitable for shallow and light damage.

You can “hide” the scratch with candle wax. This is not considered a long-term solution, but for a short while is a great way to make your bike look new.

Method #2. No wax? Use super glue!

You can also use super-glue to mask the scratch on the frame or other element of your bicycle, as quickly and efficiently as the previous method. The transparent structure and uniform mixing with different types of surfaces allows the super-glue to easily mask scratches on your bike without leaving your home.

Method #3. If you don’t have wax or glue, you can always use toothpaste!

Most toothpastes have abrasive elements that perfectly replace grinding and polishing tools. If you decide to remove the scratch on your bicycle with toothpaste, first rinse the area thoroughly with water. Then lightly moisten a microfiber cloth and apply about an inch of toothpaste. Start rubbing in a circular motion on the damaged surface of your bike. The procedure should be completed in two or three circles.

Method #4. Sanding with sandpaper.

If the scratch damaged only the topmost transparent layer, use sandpaper to restore the appearance of the bike. But, be careful! With insufficient care, you can do even more damage to the surface of the bicycle frame. Procedure:
  • Smear the damaged area with shoe polish so that the scratch area is completely filled. Pick a color slightly darker than the color of the part.How to fix scratches of bike
  • Take fine sandpaper and begin to gently rub the area of damage in a circular motion.
  • Carefully monitor the surface. You only need to slightly level the scratched area and not remove the whole layer.
  • In the end – wipe the bicycle part with a dense cloth and enjoy its appearance!
These methods should help with slight damage to the clear coat. But what if the damage is deep and noticeable?

Method #5. Nail lacquer and polish.

If, for example, a whole chip appeared on your bicycle frame, the procedure is as follows:
  1. Apply colorless nail polish to the damaged area. The nail polish should be durable and of good quality.how to remove scratches from bike tank
  2. Let the first coat dry and then apply a second layer.how to remove scratches from bike plastics
  3. Leave it to dry for 24 hours. By this time the polish will have dried sufficiently and adhered to the surface of the paint.
  4. Once completely dry, take fine sandpaper and sand the nail polish that was applied to the bike earlier. Continue until the surface is even.remove deep scratches from bike
  5. Once you have a flat surface, take car polish and apply it on a damp microfiber cloth. bike-polishStart rubbing the polish in a circular motion until the surface looks shiny as before.
fixing and polishing black bike at home
In case bicycle has a scratch, use our advice: do not apply nail polish with a brush, but take a needle or a toothpick and carefully fill the scratch with polish, without leaving the area of the scratch.
All the above methods are excellent ways of removing scratches from your bike. However, if the color of your bike is anything other than black, you will need to follow this up with Method #6.

Method #6. Car pencil.

You can easily find special car pencils in different colors and compositions in car dealerships. They are not cheap but will allow you to qualitatively eliminate scratches so that you will not notice them anymore. Additionally, a pencil should last you for a very long time.
  fixing scratches on your bike  
The procedure for working with a pencil:
  1. Wash the damaged area thoroughly with soap and water, remove any dirt that may interfere with the application of the paint;
  2. Gently apply the pencil, let it dry;
  3. If the scratch is deep enough, apply a second coat;
  4. After completely drying, you can grind and polish the surface.
As a rule, the packaging of these products also contains detailed instructions. Follow it and you can definitely return your bike to a new and brilliant appearance.

Precautionary measures:

  • When you work with any of the above methods, be careful with the paintwork – remember that you can do it even more harm;
  • Before you start using any of the above methods, be sure to thoroughly clean the scratch – there should be no dirt inside;
  • If your bike frame is constantly being scratched, consider getting bicycle frame pads or other bike frame protection.
  bike frame protection   And remember, no matter how carefully you roll, scratches and chips are normal for any bike. Well, we hope we helped you cope with the problem of how to remove a scratch on a bicycle. Please write to us in the comments below if you have applied one of the methods and tell us about the result. Or if you know how to remove scratches from a bicycle in any other way, share it with other cyclists!