What to wear to ride a motorcycle

What to wear to ride a motorcycle.
What to wear to ride a motorcycle When you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, one of the first things to do is find out what kind of gear is necessary for safe riding. There are many things to consider when choosing what to wear to ride a motorcycle, some of which you … Read more

What color is diesel fuel

What color is diesel fuel?
What color is diesel fuel? Most people never see the fuel they pump into their cars. It goes through the pump, down a black hose, through a nozzle and into the darkness of the gas tank. Gasoline is naturally clear, white, or slightly amber. Diesel comes out clear or yellow. It all depends on where … Read more

What color is gasoline?

What color is gasoline?
What color is gasoline? That’s a good question and one that is pretty much impossible to answer. The color of gasoline (more specifically petrol), like all other liquids, changes with the light source it reflects. This means that if you were to take a sample of gasoline outside on a sunny day, it would look … Read more

What is a dirt bike

What is a dirt bike.
What is a dirt bike? A dirt bike is a small, light, and very rugged motorcycle that is suitable for use on off-road trails. This type of motorcycle features knobby tires and a flat seat which makes it suitable for riding on trails with difficult terrain. Most dirt bikes feature rear-mounted engines and come with … Read more

How Often to Change Motorcycle Oil?

How often to change motorcycle oil.
Motorcycle Oil Change When you ride your bike, the engine heats up. The oil gets hot and very thin, which makes it easier for contaminants to enter the system. After some time, that oil starts to get dirty. This dirt will mix with the new fresh oil that you add to your motorcycle’s engine. It … Read more

6 tried and tested ways to remove scratches from your bicycle

how to remove scratches from bike
No matter how carefully you ride your bike, chips and scratches are a common occurrence for any vehicle, especially a two-wheeled one. Therefore, bike lovers often face the question of how to remove scratches from their bikes at home and with their own hands. We have collected the 6 best ways to get rid of … Read more